MAVIC freehub removal 2018 and later Cosmic Pro Carbon SL

Hi all,

I was successfully took of my older Mavic freehubs, but I'm facing challenges doing the same on my 2018 Cosmic Pro Carbon SL UST wheel. Can anyone help me out how to do it?

There is a pressfit end cap instead of the lockring they used earlier. I took that off, but after that don't know what to do to make the freehub come down so I'd be able to relube it.

Greg :smile:


  • ugo.santalucia
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    The new freehub is remarkably similar to the DT Swiss one... so pull out the end cap and then simply pull the freehub... if it doesn't come off you might have to use a bench vise to hold it in place while you pull the wheel from the rim/tyre

    Exploded diagram here, might be instructions on the manual too
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  • Thank you very much! So I jus wasn't brave enough, since I tried the just pull it but it seemed impossible :D
  • Still no luck, any idea? :(
  • ugo.santalucia
    ugo.santalucia Posts: 28,248
    From the exploded diagram there is nothing retaining the freehub, once you remove the cap... did you check the maunal?
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  • thegreatdivide
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    It definitely has the Instant Drive 360 freehub fitted, so yeah, the process is to get the end cap off, then wriggle the freehub off too. I found the end cap to be an absolute utter ba$tard to get off first time, and resorted to Ugo’s vice tip, but the freehub was a lot easier. Might be a job for the LBS, that way you can blame them if they trash the wheel.
  • gerkovski
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    Still no luck, LBS could take off by a bearing extractor but its still not good. Any idea what do I need to change to a new one next to the freehub? Bearings I guess. Hard to find a shop who doesnt want me to buy a complete wheelset, but I believe it would be enough to spend some monex on som new spareparts...
  • yertez
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    I had an issue where some of the locknut fluid had dribbled down the axle before solidifying.
    Careful scraping around the axle made it a lot easier to release.