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Bought a 2nd Hand Ariel 14x....Need Advice

Hi All,

Been a very long time since I have been on here but recently got back into MTB. I have had my old Genesis Abyss in the shed for a few years. Kept it well but not been ridden much for a good few years.

Anyway I've recently got back into MTB but wanted to swap to a full sus but without spending a fortune.

I bought a 2nd hand 2014 Saracen Ariel 14x (26" version) 2nd hand with a view to taking the best of the Abyss to upgrade the 14x however I've hit a few snags and need some advice:

Forks on Ariel are 140mm Sektor Solo Air with 9mm QR & tapered headtube. Hub on wheels can be converted to 15mm both through. Fork on Abyss is 140mm Revs with 20mm bolt through and 1 1/8 steerer.

Rear on Ariel is 12mm x 135 bolt through but rear on Abyss is 9km QR.

So, i really like the idea of moving the Revs over to the Ariel but it would need a new wheel set with adaptors. Got a quote for some Hope's but it's about £350 but would be good serviceable hubs with spares vs the current unbranded.

Am a putting too much emphasis on moving the revs just to get a bolt through front? Could that £350 be better spent elsewhere?

Appreciate any opinions

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