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105 Disc Brake Judder

mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 755
Hopefully someone can help, My Emonda came with a 105 hydro discs, Centreloc shimano rotors 160mm front and back.

I am having a issue when I apply even moderate braking force to the front brake I get a fair bit of judder and it just feels like something is loose. I have done the following without finding the solution:

* Swapped the back rotor to the front - Issue remains
* Loosened and aligned rotor (holding front brake on) then tightening bolts up
* Made sure front wheel is properly done up with no lateral play (thru axle)

The bike has only done maybe 250 miles in mostly dry weather so I can't see it being a worn rotor and as far as I can tell the rotor's are fine - If it was a warped rotor I would expect the problem to disappear when swapping rear to front etc (unless both rotors are warped).

The bike was not used for 3 months as we had our fist child over Xmas which meant I had ZERO time to myself! So the bike has been in the spare room for the last 2 months.

The only difference I can think of since I last rode it is I now carry my work bag with me so my total rider weight has gone up from 88kg to 93kg so its a fair chunk of inertia weight being thrown at the front disc but my MTB has 160mm rotors and seems to handle front only braking without this issue - They are cheap Promax Hydro's too.

Any thoughts? It just seems very dodgy.

I don't think the extra weight is the reason and I am below the max total weight for the bike anyway (125kg max for Rider + Bike)


  • joeyhalloranjoeyhalloran Posts: 542
    Is the headset 100% done up? Its worth a check. Turn the wheel at 90 degrees, apply the front brake and rock the bike with your hand/finger around where the fork meets the frame. Any movement will result in juddering when braking.

    Other than that the next thing to try might be to swap the pads from back to front. I would expect judder to be a result of the caliper/brake rather than the disc to be honest.
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 755
    I will try the pads option

    I did check the HS no movement at all

    Will report back.
  • mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 755
    Figured it out, The LBS who cut the fork down for me did a s**t job and there is a uneven surface where its been cut so as I have been riding along the expansion plug has worked its way round to a section of the fork that was not filed down properly (and is therefore lower down) and the plug then moves causing play.

    Got the dremel kit out and filed it down with a sanding wheel and now its working a treat. No play at all.

    Tempted to go to the LBS and show them the pics I took, Based on how bad it was cut I can only assume they used a friggin knife and fork !
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