1983 Gazelle Champion Mondial AB Frame??

Hi everyone,
i'm hoping someone may be able to help...
i have an old Gazelle frameset I bought a few years ago and I'm now trying to identify the model so i could try to restore it back to its original spec. I contacted Gazelle and gave them the frame number and some pictures. They got back to me and said the frame number made it a 1983 frame and looking the pictures would suggest that's a Champion Mondial AB frame.

However once I started looking at old catalogues, I noticed a few inconsistancies. My frame had Gazelle drop-outs, I think the Champion frames had Campag? I have mudguard eyelets on my frame. I only have two cable guides on the tope tube. The seat stays finish differently on the seatpost. The most strangest difference is that my frame has cable guides on the head tube which would suggest it was a toureer or cyclocross frame but doesn't have any of the other asociated add-ons, brakes, ect.

The frame has been repainted in a shop/team colour scheme at some stage.
Are these just extra that have been added or definantly not a Champion frameset?

Any help is greatly appreciated!