Hed sonic hub bearing size

Hi All. I am wondering if anyone knows the size of the bearings of a HED sonic FRONT wheel hub. It is the carbon shell type from 2015ish. I know I could pull them out and measure but I'm not ready to change them quite yet and would like to order some for when I am. Thanks in advance.


  • ugo.santalucia
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    You might never need to change them.
    Remove the hub cap and with a caliper you should be able to measure the diameter of the axle and the outer diameter of the bearing. The third measurement (depth) is typically a consequence of the other two...
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    Front disc brake hubs use 6902. Current front rim brake hubs with radial lacing use 6900. 2015 and older front radial hubs use 6901. I'd just wait till you dismantle and measure them, in any case all three sizes are pretty standard and readily available for same day or next day delivery.
  • skyeflyguy
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    Thanks guys your help is much appreciated.