Cleaning oily marks off cycling shoes

Any tips or tricks as to how to get them looking as good as new again?

Wasn't sure if there was any magic solution I was missing that got them back to a properly clean condition :-)
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    If it's smooth leathery stuff then you could just try some degreaser on a cloth and give the shoe a rub. Give it a wipe over with a damp cloth afterwards to help 'deactivate' it.
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    Vanish Gold Power Gel works well on my white shoes and saddle.
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    I haven't tried it on cycling shoes but I've found that baby wipes are very good for degreasing various parts of my bike.

    I've also put cycling shoes through the washing machine a few times as well. Put each shoe inside a separate pillow case to prevent them doing any damage to anything else
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    Get black shoes ! It's the only practical colour. Obviously marketing people want to encourage white shoes so we need to replace them.
  • I'm surprised you keep them long enough to get them dirty...
    Quick wipe with ep90 gear oil soaked rag.
  • Could also try a magic eraser type sponge. I'm amazed at what they can shift with just some water and a bit of elbow grease!
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  • Baby wipes and/ or WD40 seems to get most marks off my shoesies.

    Magic Eraser thingies are good.....but they work by abrasion, so I'd be careful not to damage/ scuff your shoes.