105 5800 chainring nut broken. Using with 3 bolts. Sensible idea?

One of the 4 nuts broke and the bolt cant be tighten any longer.

Would it be sensible to use it with the other 3 bolts?

Chainring 52t still has some life which I'd like to use if possible.


  • galego
    galego Posts: 15
    The nuts is built into the chainring in the shimano 105 5800. One of them is gone and the bolt wont tighten. It cant be replace. I would need to replace the whole chainring.
  • super_davo
    super_davo Posts: 1,101
    One of the bolts on mine fell out in use and I was probably riding around on it for some time before I noticed. So it clearly functions on 3 and you will probably be alright as long as you are meticulous and sure the others are in place and tight.

    The problems really come if you're not. Personally not something I would want to live with in the long term. If it starts creaking, that's when I would worry.