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Garmin Edge power button fix?

Hi All,

I have a Garmin Edge 1000 bike computer and its been very good other than the odd glitch.
Its power button on the side has over time started to detach from the front cover making it awkward at time to turn on and off as the rubber button moves out of line with the internal button pad and I have to ease the rubber out to align the button/pad.

I've seen you can buy a replacement from cover, China mainly for about £35, and that a degree of finesse is needs to fit it as you have to solder a few wires etc.

Has anyone undertaken this repair?
Has anyone somehow glued/fixed the button that has worked ok?

Garmin want too much money to repair it and I'm still happy with the unit so wanted to try a fix first before I buy a new unit.




  • W12_LadW12_Lad Posts: 184
    It's a common problem.

    I fixed mine by using a rubber button from an old remote control.

    The original button was mostly detached from the unit so I didn't mind removing it to give this repair a go.
    You fix the new button in place using liquid electrical tape which keeps it completely waterproof while allowing enough movement to click the switch.

    As you can see from my terrible finishing, I'm rubbish at these sort of crafty things but this repair was easy, even for someone as cac handed as me!

    It works perfectly and has improved the action to a definite click.
    The original action was very wooly.

    Of course, my unit is now much less aero than before :D

  • rrsodlrrsodl Posts: 486
    I had not realised this was a common problem but I solved the problem with a bit of blue tack and a rubber cover.

  • I can’t believe how well the blue tack worked, Great quick fix for my edge 1000 and with the cover on you can’t even notice
  • tonysjtonysj Posts: 391
    FYI. I ended up buy a new cover/button from China and managed to solder the wires and its worked fine since. More expensive than Blue Tac fix though lol.
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