Given a Specialized Tarmac Pro...

Hey everyone....

I've been road biking for a little while now, recently got into indoor for the winter period main hack has been a 2016 Allez Sport so far...

My uncle has given me a 2006 Tarmac Pro, which is still in good condition, no real damage, has 105 groupset and Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels. Apart from replacing the cables and tires she'll be good to go.

My question is should I switch to that as my main bike? I know its old but it would have been a good bike in its day...? I have a set of Racing Quattro that i just finished building for the Allez, so I might swap to those as they are a bit more aero I think than the 5's...

Or do I let my misses have this to get her into road biking...?


  • jlloyd
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    Ride both - see which one you enjoy riding most, then go with that.
  • slowbike
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    I doubt you'll notice too much difference between the 2016 sport and the 06 pro - IIRC the 16 sport has carbon forks anyway.
    The 16 sport came with Sora 9 speed - so the 105 10 speed may be nicer - but depends which 105 it is - 2006 was 5600, 5700 came in in 2010 - but the bike could've been upgraded.

    Personally, if it's a nice ride, I'd chuck some mudguards on the Allez and keep it for winter/wet duties and upgrade the Tarmac groupset & wheels for summer best...
  • roundyuk
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, appreciated! I'll get her up together and see which one I prefer! The Pro is a slightly smaller frame as well... 54 vs 56 on my Allez I think. Oh, and yes the Allez does have the carbon fork...
  • Been dismatling everything to give it a good clean and also replace all the cables...seems the groupset is actually 5700 so has been upgraded; nice components :-)

    There seems to be a weird angled stem spacer on it, like a wedge shape - can't seem to find anything on Google about them...?
  • roundyuk
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    Figured out as I've continued to strip her down, has a Specialized adjustable stem.