New Build Incoming - Quiver-Killer Rondo HVRT CF

Evening all! I've done it, after some thoughts, sums and discussions... we're going to be a one-bike per person household.

Pics to follow once I have the frameset in-hand (it's a bit delayed in shipping just now, but should be here early March:

Frame & Fork: Rondo HVRT CF 2020, black on black
Saddle: TBC, I'm still trying to work out if I like my Specialized Power Arc Elaston or my Pro Stealth
Handlebars: Prime Primavera Aero, 40cm
Tape: Lizard Skins
Stem: Stock Rondo 100mm to start, I have a 3T and a Deda Zero100 to swap out to in 120 & 130mm
Headset/Spacers/Top Cap: Stock Rondo to begin with
Groupset: Shimano Dura Ace 9120 throughout apart from:
Crankset: Ultegra R8000 172.5, 52/36
Bottom Bracket: Ceramicspeed 386evo
Cassette: Ultegra R8000 11-30
Chain & Quicklink: KMC
Wheels (Road): Prime Blackedition 60mm clinchers
- Rubber: Schwalbe Pro One Tanwall 25c (tubeless GP5000s in the pipeline once the Schwalbes are done)
- Sealant/Glue/Tubes: Tubes (latex for racing)
- Axles: Rondo's own for now
Wheels (Gravel): 650b Mason x Hunt Adventure Sport
- Rubber: WTB Byway: 47c
- Rear Sealant/Glue: Hunt setting them up, unsure
Pedals: Garmin Vector 3s, might have to sell them on for some SPDs depending on how gravelly I get.
Bottle Cages: Rondo, may swap out for Supacaz Alu in purple

From what I know about the frame and the heavy wheels (both sets) I'd expect to creep into the 7.9s... but I'm prepared to be wrong on that.

Usage will be pretty much everything for me this year - some light bikepacking in the North & South of Scotland, Gravel Enduro, Club Runs, Chain Gangs, and at least one 25 mile TT. Once I get married and don't have to worry quite so much about broken bones I might enter a local crit or two as well. My current two bikes (Canyon Ultimate CF SL and CAAD12 Dura Ace Disc) will be going and my partner and I are living in a two-bike household for the next couple of years until we buy some more space in the countryside. Excited to show you guys how it looks!


  • fenix
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    Sounds like a stunning bike. Not sure if I would be crit racing on it though !

    Pics please.
  • poptart242
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    It's here and it's good!

    Bit of a faff in getting a frame - the manufacturer/distributor ended up unable to fulfil due to Covid and Sigma were a huge, huge help. Ended up getting a full 105-level bike for a discount and paid under £200 extra the amount I'd already paid for the frame.

    Still need to weigh stuff but it's not by any means heavy, just under 9kg with the current heavy wheels, heavy groupset, heavy pedals and finishing kit.

    First ride impressions:
    • Whoa boy it's stiff
    • The flip chip is a silly concept, you'll set it and forget it but it's nice to have the choice
    • Geo in aggressive mode is very aggressive, I might not even slam it
    • R7000 is a hell of a groupset, I'm very impressed
    • It's utter madness the amount of clearance you can build into an aero race bike if you really want to. 47mm tyres!
    Work done so far:
    • Chainset Swap (R7000 to R8000)
    • Wheel/Disc/Cassette Swap (from Rondo 700c to Hunt 650b)
    • Saddle Swap (Fabric Scoop to Specialized Power Elaston)
    • Add bottle cages
    Work to do next week:
    • Groupset Swap (R7000 to R9100)
    • Cut the massively long seatpost down
    • Swap out the alu bars for Prime Primaveras
    • Install my Vectors
    Long term work:
    • Paint it
    • Find some cooler bottle cages
    • Convert my road wheels to tubeless