Suffolk roads and puntures

Last two holidays in North Norfolk, Mr Turbohamster destroyed a tyre each time. In both cases, it looks like he got a very big cut from a flint. Very lucky not to have crashed. Next holiday will be in Suffolk, near Aldeborough. Never been there - so how do the roads compare with North Norfolk in terms of destructive forces on tyres? And what clinchers can you recommend so we don't have a third time unlucky? We don't want to change to tubeless at present, want to keep the original wheels.


  • awavey
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    well it kind of depends what roads youll end up riding on, there are flints in the fields, the ploughing of the fields shatters them into small bits and when the rain is heavy it washes them all onto the roads.

    the busier roads tend to be fine as long as you dont ride in the gutter much, its the smaller roads, single track almost farm roads where youll find most of the gravel,flints,sand,loose surface debris that embed in your tyres.

    around Aldeburgh youll find lots of pig farms not alot of arable crop fields so not so much ploughing, but there was lots of flooding around there over winter, so the roads werent in a great state.
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    Holes too. I love it. My tyres dont.
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    Ridden plenty in Norfolk and Suffolk whilst on holiday and never really noticed it as being any worse than anywhere else in terms of punctures so I would guess there is at least a large slice of bad luck involved in your previous experiences. If you are concerned then something like a Michelin Endurance would be about as far as I'd want to go in sacrificing speed and grip for puncture protection but there are tougher options.
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