Sudden saddle issues.

Hi I’ve been riding my Fizik Antares for years with zero issues. However a few weeks ago I started to feel uncomfortable riding on it. I guessed it was too old so I replaced with with the same model. Same measurements.

However I am continuing to have saddle issues on the new saddle. Sore backside and undercarriage and some penis numbness when I was on the trainer.

As far as I can remember I haven’t changed anything about my position.

I’m not sure what to do. What should I look at changing on the bike? Any help appreciated.


  • wongataa
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    Try a different saddle.
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    Try a different pair of bibshorts
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    Similar thing happened to me - ignored it eventually it got so bad I couldn't cycle - I was off the bike for 3 years - ignore it at your peril.
    Probably something has changed - you may have become less flexible - or some muscles have tightened. or disc problems in youre back
    A brooks saddle - chammy cream with every ride - a good deal of core work , yoga and pilates got me going again - but it took a while.

    I had a tear where my hamstring joined my pelvis
  • As said, don't ignore. Don't know your age but as we get older (such joy!) our bodies change in sometimes subtle way. Few years ago I suddenly began suffering numbness and then pain in my testicles. All attempts at saddle change and repositioning failed to resolve it, then a discussion with my osteopath highlighted a slight decrease in my lower back flexibility, just as part of the general ageing process. Some extra stretches AND a slightly shorter stem ( like 10mm less) and the pain disappeared. Take the holistic approach and examine everything about your position...

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  • I had something similar. 20 miles into any ride and my "tackle" became numb and almost sore. Been riding the same saddles for years - Selle Italia Rolls on winter bike and Charge Spoons on summer bike.
    Swapped to a saddle with a big hole in the top - San Marco Concor, - and problem disappeared almost overnight.
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    I rode an Arione on every bike, for ages, then all of a sudden I started having problems. Numbness and just general discomfort on the soft tissue.

    I now ride Selle Italia SLR Superflow (or whatever it's called) on all bikes and I'm comfortable again.

    Bodies change.

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  • Same-same as above. Rode Ariones for a decade and then suddenly.....Ouch!

    Experimented with a few saddles over last year or two- Superflow as above and PRO Stealth. Settled on the Stealth which seemed to have a slight edge over the Superflow. Shame, as the Superflow is a much better looking and built saddle. The PRO saddles are horribly cheap IMO, but are quite £££. Function over form won-out in this instance for me.