Do I need a new cassette???

bmxboy10 Posts: 1,958
I have a second set of training wheels with a 11-28 cassette on them. The bike came with an 11-30 on the original wheel set. If I swap the wheels (winter-summer) will the chain length be ok? I have a Dura Ace rear mech and it looks like its a long cage version. Thanks in advance.


  • whyamihere
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    The chain length will be fine. However, if the chain is worn or one cassette is worn more than the other, the chain may skip.
  • As above, no problem, only thing is you will likely have to adjust the B tension screw on the rear mech. If its Dura Ace R9100 the rear mechs are very sensitive to cassette size changes and may make more chain noise if adjustment is not spot on. Very easy to do
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