Hunt wheels Reliability and quality

I am looking for a new enduro wheel set.
HUNT ENDURO WIDE MTB WHEELSET have been recommended. coming in at £359 is very competitive.

Anyone able to offer advice for or against these ?

Enduro- YT Capra AL1- 2016
Road- Boardman Team Carbon- 2010
XC- Gary Fisher Marlin- 2002


  • I have to say for the money the Hunt wheels are great - i have a set of the trail wide on my 27.5 hardtail - been on for just over a year and not had any issues at all with them.

    For the price you cant beat them, really easy to replace bearings if you need to aswell, ive taken them apart once and serviced them - they didnt need it - i just had time on my hands and thought prevention is better than cure and all that.

    They impressed me so much i have just brought a second set for my 29er full sus.

    Go for it - you will not regret it - also team at hunt are great if you speak to them.

    Overall a very happy customer.
  • You can have a similar set of kinlin tl29 rims (hunt use some kinlins) and these rims are perfect for mtb riding, and a set of dt swiss 350.hubs for not much more with triple butted spokes.

    That what I have in my oranage and I need to ride that bike again.
  • I can't specifically vouch for the MTB wheels, but I use their road wheels and they're fantastic. Most importantly though Hunt are a superb company to buy from and their customer service is first class which seems to be what they've really built their company on. They are riders first and foremost and that really shows in their service both pre and post purchase. The Kore wheels on my Orange are on their way out and I've already decided that the next pair will be Hunt trail wides.... no brainier for me.
  • kmcd21
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    good positive suff here lads ! thanks.

    I like their warranty policy also. nice to hear they are rider oriented people, and customer service is a focus.

    All too often these days, companies say they offer great customer service, but its mostly a 'tick in box 'for their corporate BS.
    Usually only getting customer service when you pay big dollar or complain enough on social media for them to show any concern.
    Enduro- YT Capra AL1- 2016
    Road- Boardman Team Carbon- 2010
    XC- Gary Fisher Marlin- 2002
  • The other thing i forgot to mention is that they come pre-taped for tubeless set up with decent tubeless valves, spare spokes and a fairly good spoke key for minor tightening jobs, although i havent had to touch them.
  • levolon
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    I have Hunt trail wide.. brilliant, light ,hubs do sound a bit like a swarm of angry wasps but if you keep peddling you don't hear em 😄