Di2 damage

Took a knock today on black ice. My Di2 now won't change down the gears.


  • benali
    benali Posts: 49
    I think its mechanical failure tbh. I've used crash mode, no joy. Any experts here give me some advice. I was hoping I could strip it and repair it, but I don't think it's designed for that. Goes up the gears fine. Won't go back down though, can hear the motor trying but no movement. The joys of winter riding (black ice, your worst enemy) Help?
  • Interesting what people say about this
  • david7m
    david7m Posts: 636
    I won't be able to help, but the picture link doesn't work.
  • benali
    benali Posts: 49
    Ah thanks, didn’t realize the link didn’t work (basically a short video showing the derailleur in action).
    rd6870 btw.
    It shifts fine going up the gears. But will not shift back down towards the big cogs at all. Motor is clicking, but derailleur is not moving. My guess is the gear mech inside is broken. Obviously, the crash safety feature didn’t work for me. I was wondering if it was possible to repair one that’s in this condition. Basically strip it right down?