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Opinions on the Lapierre Zesty AM FIT 3.0 29

IM 23 andI'm looking at getting back in to mountain biking as not done it since I was 15.mainly trails and flowy stuff, my budget is around 1500 give or take. What's people opinion on this bike. I think after a lot of thinking full suss is the way I wanna go, as i personally think it will give me more confidence

Or open to other people options on bike fornthe price range

Thanks in advance


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    A friend of mine was so enamoured of the Lapierre Zesty that he bought three of them one after the other, before finally buying a Spicy, which he still has. He loves them. Keep your eye on the pivot at the front end of the chain stay as he had a few go loose. I have read nothing bad about them either. Have you looked up any reviews?

    How do you know that Spicy will fit you and that you will enjoy riding it? Not all bike geometry is the same, and similarly not all people are of the same proportions. You have to hunt around to find a good match. You don't want to be shelling out that sort of money for a bike that is just OK, when you could have a perfect fit. I've ridden bikes on test rides where despite them all being size "L", some were too short, some too tall, some just felt wrong. Then there the ones I bought that not only fitted me like a glove but rode beautifully too. :)

    If you manage to secure a test ride (there are lots of demo days about, but shops may say yes, if asked), then ensure the bike is set up for you. Not just saddle height, but fore and aft position too, lever position, tyre pressures, and suspension settings 25% sag front and rear should be close enough. You will need to buy a shock pup so that you can adjust your % sag later after riding (and to keep it topped up).

    If you absolutely cannot arrange a test ride, then read this article to help you get the best fit after purchase.

    Good luck! Let us know what you end up getting and how you got on with it. :)
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