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Trails near train stations (northwest)

Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone new any trail centres near train stations, I live in liverpool and I dont drive my closest is delamear forest


  • Get on Merseyrail Northern. All trains have spaces reserved for bikes. Any stop north of Crosby will put you on a trail. Formby, Freshfield or Ainsdale will put you on the Trans Pennine Trail which starts in Southport and goes through Maghull and Aintree to the far side of Liverpool.
    There is a Council run trail that runs south from Formby to Crosby, Netherton et al.
    Formby Pinewoods and beach are loved by the fatty brigade but are regularly ridden by more sensible folk.
    You can go south to Hunts Cross and ride in reverse but you have to be able to navigate through urban connurbations.
    Same with over the water on The Wirral. Lots of quiet roads and trails to explore.
    Really, Google is your friend round here. Lots and lots of potential, especially if you want off road.
    Merseyrail stations even have bike hire facilities, but they are mainly aimed at leisure riders.

    Even road riding in the West Lancashire plain - north of Kirkby and Skem (missing out Southport and Ormskirk town centres) then west to the M6 and as far north as the Ribble estuary - is largely traffic free if you can read a map.

    If you are really very brave or foolish you can take Northern Rail from Lime Street to Chorley then you have the whole of the Rivington area to play in. Excellent off road stuff up there.
  • thistle_thistle_ Posts: 4,589
    :) Get the train to Manchester then change for a train to Hadfield or Glossop. You can pick up the TPT again here or I believe there's some good MTB routes around that part of the Peak District.
    :) Train to Rugely Trent Valley and you're only 3 miles from Cannock Chase: (or ride from Stafford but it's a bit further away).

    The new(ish) TfW service from Liverpool gives you some possibilities:
    :) Frodsham and ride over to Delamere:
    :) Wrexham General for Llandegla forest - I think there's only a handful of direct trains and they are on weekdays only. Big climb up there on the road though. Short route: Nicer route: (there's an off road cycle path that avoids the B5101)
    :) You can get to the Marin Trail (get off at Llanrwst and ride over to the trailhead but it's a long way and the service down the Conwy Valley is infrequent - and currently not running because the track has been washed away. Ditto for Antur Stiniog (Blaenau Ffestiniog).

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