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how about carbon spoke wheels?

any advantages carbon spoke VS steel spokes? I notice Cadex and also winspace Hyper wheels are active on the markets.


  • Only disadvantages that I can see.
    For deep profile carbon rims, typically you are looking at 250 grams of stainless steel spokes overall... trying to reduce that figure using carbon is going to be extremely costly, won't have any real advantage and will result in a product which is borderline impossible to repair.
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    Obvious spam from Winspace bikes
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    Sorry why is it obvious spam. Giant dont make the the carbon spokes themsleves. Thats outsourced to a 3rd party. winspace maybe buying from the same source.

    It's only impossible to repair if there are no spares available. I am tempted to buy suitable rims and hubs and spokes (I know where to buy the cadex spokes). The hub available though is not my cup of tea (2:1 lacing for disc brake) so to build with them I would need to get a hub made which adds time and cost. If I do it then spares would not be an issue .

    I will be paying for a sample set of rim brake rims, hubs and spokes to see how everything builds up. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    Well let's have a look at the OP's one and only other post shall we:

    "Hi ,you can the product from winspace bike? I think their product are perfectful!!! I have the a carbon bike of SLC2.0 from winspace on June 2019; There are suitable for me,super light and no fault until now; Very good!!!"
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