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Loft find bike pre 1960's - What is it?

Any idea what this is? found in my Nans loft, it was my grandads. According to my dad my grandad said it was rare due to being one piece (not sure what that means)

Not 100% sure of the age but my dad said he had it before they moved to birmingham in 1963

I can't really see any manufacturer markings. There is a small 7 followed by 7541 on the bottom of the frame and then again on the forks and then what looks like OLI8OI on the bottom of the bottom bracket.I wouldn't have put it past him to have painted it himself.

It has a bayliss-wiley bottom bracket who i think went out of business in 1969. My grandad was living in Birmingham around then, so was close to the BW factory. He also had strong German/Belgium links.

He wasn't short of money and judging by all the other stuff we've found I would have expected it to be cheap at the time.

I also found some cranks in the garage and a seat post.

Any ideas of what this is / any value / difficulty of actually getting up and running.


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