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Miche XM50 hub end caps

Does anyone know how to remove the qr end caps from the Miche XM50 hub. I'm told it should be possible to remove the red inserts by hand but I haven't been able to.


  • thecycleclinicthecycleclinic Posts: 394
    edited February 2020
    Not by hand. Clamp end cap in a vice and pull. The end cap is in two parts. Now knock out the QR insert.

    Hand pull end caps, are that i
    theory. Most brands that claim that never quite manage it in reality. Dt swiss is a great example. some times the end cap is so stuck you end up damaging it removing it.
  • staffostaffo Posts: 82
    Thanks Malcolm. So clamp and pull the outer black cap?
  • Yes. It pretty simple once you've done it.
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