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Bosch Performance Line CX - a dog?

I've had my e-mountain bike for 14 months and has a Bosch Performance Line CX mk1, i.e. not the one introduced during 2019. In the14 months it was replaced under warranty, software needed reprogramming, and today started to get noisy like it did before it was replaced last time. Getting worried I searched the interenet and found people had problems particularly with bearings. Luckily the shop have been good at sorting the warranties,
Are these rare problems and I have been unlucky, or are these a known problem motor,?


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    You are not on the best forum for ebike questions.
    Below is a link to a forum for ebikes of all kinds. You will get the answers you seek, or at least many opinions to chose from! Global friendly crowd, in my opinion. :)
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