Giant FastRoad E+ 1 Pro 2020 Rattle

I have recently purchased the Giant FastRoad E+1 Pro 2020 & all is good apart from an annoying noise which seems to be coming from the battery area, specifically the outer casing (I think) knocking against the frame, when hitting any bumps (there are plenty on our roads) on my road commute. When off the bike & checking over the battery area, there is a little bit of play when pressing the top of the casing, where the top part locks. The noise doesn’t make any noise when stationary & bounced up & down. The question I am asking as an ebike newbie, is this normal for ebikes to make this sound, or could the casing be faulty?


  • My wifes ebike has no rattles, it certainly shouldn't be normal. Take it back to the shop and get them to have a look. Might need a bit of foam or an adjustment.
  • Received a reply from Tredz & they have said they will be fitting ‘battery shims’ to the frame to make the battery for better/tighter....

    Im not overly pleased with this, as the bike is faulty from production & less than a month old, so I see this as a bodge/shortcut & surely the bike should be replaced?

    Am I being too unreasonable to take this stance?