Zipp 303 firecrest disc wheels

Tubular wheels with 6 bolt hubs
Fitted with challenge limus tubs and have a pair of dugast tubulars which I can include or sell separately for an additional £50 rear challenge looks warn at the sidewalls.
160 front and 140 rear rotor fitted
11 speed freehub
Qr fitting. Zipp do not make an adapter for these wheels but it is possible by any machining shop as i have produced cad drawings which would fit.

£350 posted to anywhere inside the UK


  • Do you know of anyone who’s done the conversion to thru axle? If it’s proven to work/easy to get done, I’d be interested.
  • brearley
    brearley Posts: 165
    I dont know of any as yet. I'm going to get a vernier caliper over the weekend and take measurements to double check.
    The qr axle is a 1 piece unit which then has a preload ring on one side, this has a 17mm outside diameter so will easily take the 12mm thru axle.
    The thru axle design would be 19mm at one end narrowing to 17mm then the preload would screw in internally to build up to the 19mm required on the opposite side