More Bottom Bracket questions. Rose X-Lite team 3000

So, my 2015 Rose came with Shimano cranks running in a pushfit bottom bracket shell.
I have fitted a gxp quarq crankset with a bush on NDS which worked ok.

I am looking in the market for another quarq crankset but would I be able to fit a BB30 version or should I only be looking at gxp as I know it works :)

Bottmo bracket could do with replacing anyway. Does anyone know if I can get a bb30 bottom bracket in the Rose or is it something else???


  • david37
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    edited February 2020
    that depends on the BB standard of your bike.

    it sounds like it might have a BB86 which would have a bb width of 86.5mm BB30 has a width of 68mm on road bikes. There are some cranks with 30mm diameter spindles that will fit BB86 and of course it's possible to buy BB to fit in BB86 that support the 30mm spindle but i cant remember off the top of my head which ones.

    It is def possible to get a replacement BB for BB86 which fits GXP without shims. Wheels Mfring sell them and theyre very good. I've never had any complaints.

    measure the frame / bottom bracket width to see....
  • phil485
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    Thanks David37, I can confirm that Rose Xlites of that era have BB86 bottom brackets.

    I didnt have access to the bike when I wrote the original post but have had time to measure it now.