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Are they worth it and how much are they?


  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    What do you do if it even works ? Do you think the police will be bothered ?

    Spend money on making sure that the bike doesn't get stolen instead.
  • Are they worth it and how much are they?

    To answer the other way around.
    Price: They currently start from under £20
    Worth it: Yes
    Best not to get into the situation where your bike has been stolen, so do everything you can not to get it nicked in the first place. If you’ve done all that and it still goes missing a tracker is another crack of the whip, as it were.
    They can also be set to warn you that your cycle is being tampered with, this has stopped mine (and its kit) from being stolen. I was able to chase off the offender while a friend called the police. To cut what could be a long story short, it ended in an arrest and a prosecution. Plus I still had all my kit.
    At the moment trackers are quite rare and not too many tea-leafs know what to look for, which is good of course. But if they get widespread then the knowledge of how to spot them will increase and that will be self-defeating IMHO
    Like anything technology based their not perfect of course, it’s a personal thing for me, my bike! I’d use the James Bond’s anti car thief method if I could, but I’d probably blow myself up ;)
  • Cheers. No tracker and better locks it is.
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