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headset spacers moving

The spacers on my carbon steerer tube can be turned even when have top cap on tight. I know I need tighten this up before tightening the stem so that isn't the issue. I have also tried a smaller and larger spacer above the stem but again no difference. There doesn't seem to be play in the headset and fork turns smoothly, but concerned that I can move the spaces, I thought they should be compressed too, am I correct in this?


  • step83step83 Posts: 4,170
    If they spin freely or move up an down an the cop cap is fully down your steerer is longer than the spacers, you could get round this by adding a small spacer or by trimming the steerer.
    Either of the above need doing.
  • joe2019joe2019 Posts: 1,338
    If your steerer is longer than your spacers your headset may not be fully compressed. Loosen your stem, add a spacer and tighten down the headset.
  • turns out the compression bung inside the steerer hadn't been tightened and once it was I got the spacers to compress. Thanks for advice
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