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Giant Talon 3 or else.

acironisacironis Posts: 1
edited February 2020 in Road buying advice
Anyone has this specific bike?
Is it worth the price?

Looking to pick it up from my local shop, since i got 500£ budget.
Another candidate Specialized Pitch Sport 27.5 2020 474£

Mainly will be my transport to work but want to get a bit more offroad since it should be capable, right?

I never had proper mountain bike, my last one was halfords 100£ "full suspension"
A friend told me to make sure it has disc brakes. I don't know what else is important.

Not looking for used, but its appealing. When i found full suspension for 500£
I'd like to pick up Vitus Nucleus VR but no local shop has it.

Calibre two cubed are well rated at MBR site but can't seem to find in any local shop.
Another candidate Pinnacle Kapur 2 475£
Trek Merlin 6 2020 475£
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