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Open Tubulars

I would be interested to hear people’s experiences of using Challenge Baby Limus Open Tubulars (or similar ones) compared to Tubs? The tubs can be run with a slightly lower pressure but the Open Tubulars can be repaired if necessary, costs are about the same if using a good quality latex tube, but it would be good to know if anyone has ridden both.


  • amrushtonamrushton Posts: 674
    edited 7 February
    An open tubular is a tubular tyre that uses an inner tube ie it's not a tubular but uses the same construction. So a Vittoria Open Pave is the same construction as a Vittoria tubular Pave but you have to use an inner tube. challenge now do tubeless versions for some tyres
  • Yeah, I know what an open tubular/tubular are but have only ridden tubs so was really asking in hearing how open tubulars ride compared to tubs.
  • I have found that when I run my challenge limus open tubulars at lower pressure there seems to be a lot of wear on the sidewalls that’s I don’t seem to get on my dugast tubs.
  • DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 5,729
    Well open tubulars ride like quality clinchers - because that is what they are - so if you've ridden clinchers you know how open tubulars ride.
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