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Interchangeability of FSA ABS chainrings (4-bolt)

g00seg00se Posts: 2,218

I've just purchased a second hand FSA Powerbox chainset. It's 4-bolt ABS chainrings (110 BCD but covers all chainring sizes like the 4-arm shimanos and campags). The ABS means the bolt-hole positioning is asymmetric - so I would need to use FSA ABS specific chainrings in the future. I'm thinking about different sets for cyclocross, climbing etc. and swapping the chainset between bikes when necessary.

Does anyone know if all FSA ABS chainrings are compatible or do they need to be specific to the type of chainset?

For example, the Powerbox 50-tooth ABS ring is €90 but there are different versions for alloy or carbon cranks.

The Gossamer ABS 50-tooth ring is €50 and the Super K-Forces ones, you need to sell a child to afford one.

Does anyone know if they're all interchangeable - and the only difference is design/colour etc?

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