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Replacing parts on an all-weather bike

On my bike, which I use all year for commuting and making tours, the chain casette and one front chainring are now worn out but the shifting still works reliably. My LBS told me that it would need replacing, but I was wondering if I should just ride the existing parts until they fail completely.

The two options I do have now are:
1. Replace Chain, casette and 1 front chainring now, which would cost about 80€
2. Waste the other Chainring, which costs around 20€ + the 80€ for the other stuff.

My question is now if I missed something and if it is cruical that it is replaced now.
Parts wear is very high because I use the bike in every condition and my idea was that I could still use the bike as is for about as long a new chain survives.
I cant replace all of it at home because I dont have all the tools necessary, so I cant do anything about the cost.


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 11,181
    I'd definitely replace chain, cassette and I'm guessing the outer chainring if it was me and unless the smaller inner ring is badly worn I'd not worry about that. I normally replace gear cables at the same time on my wet/winter bike. Also worth checking jockey wheels on rear mech.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Thank you already.
    Its a bit hilly here so my mid 34t chainring is the worn out one. The outer chainring is okay still and would as of now not have to be replaced.
    Is jockey wheel wear also related to chain wear or do they wear out a a constant speed, no matter the condition of the chain?
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