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Help with medical issue

Hello. About four years ago I was smashing 20 min ten mile TTS and managed 100 miles in 3.40. I cycled up to 200 miles a week. Then I randomly came down with a chest infection. These got worse and worse to the point that they now occur if I do any excersise. I have just had three back to back. In my quest to fix it I had my stomach wrapped around itself to stop reflux but no joy. Does anyone have any ideas or things I could have overlooked? I have a million inhalers now but again they don't do much. I do not have any asthma except when the infection occurs. I would love to get back on my bike as not riding has hit my mental health hard. Any help really appreciated. James.


  • You've done almost everything you can, I think you're buggered.

    You could try going to a hospital and asking for an operation but there is no guarantee this will sort you out.
  • fenixfenix Posts: 5,437
    When you say any exercise - how much is that ? 200 miles a week is pretty extreme for 'normal' people - so you may be underestimating how hard you've exercised ?

    Better to be undertrained than ill.

    Hope you can find an answer.
  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,569
    It sounds like the infection may have triggered something more long lasting. Have you had blood tests/scans/other screening to identify any underlying condition?

    The op on your stomach sounds like an extreme solutuion, surely their were investigations and less invasive solutions tried first.
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