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New mountain bike ?

Looking for advice regarding buying a new bike, haven’t road a bike for 18months or so due to work commitments, use to have a 2017 giant fathom.

Mainly looking to be doing trails with rough terrain some climbs and long decents etc mainly Cannock and Wales.

Looked at some bikes with current sales being on and I am torn between getting a decent spec hardtail or half decent full sus I’ve got budget of about £1300 could poss push a little more but was tempted to go for the vitus mystique vrs which comes with x force front and rear shock, sram eagle 1x 12 dropper post, and half decent Shimano brakes for £1200 reduced from £1500 or looking at a cube reaction pro tm hardtail on offer from £1200 to £769 with rockshox recon rl air, 1x11 Deore but cheaper brakes.
Also seen the new carera Titan x with front rockshox recon monarch r on rear similar brakes to the cube and weighs same as the vitus at 14.6kg for £850 down from £1000 really struggling decide or could some one suggest some alternatives ideal what a good all round bike more for a weekend trail warrior


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,122
    What about the go outdoors bossnut, still the go to budget full sus to beat more expensive offerings. bossnut/gen:mens/
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  • billycoolbillycool Posts: 833
    I think I'd lean more towards a FS bike.

    I'm a big fan on HT's and have ridden HT and FS at Cannock and Wales (you might need to be more specific on what locations). I've ridden Afan, BPW and Cwmcarn and I'd have to say that they are all more fun on a FS (scared myself too many times on my HT). HT's are great fun on fast single track and usually a bit easier for climbing but less fun on the more sketchy/techie stuff.

    I'm lucky that I have a fairly light 13kg 140mm Enduro bike, so it climbs pretty well and descends very well. Anything near 14.6kg is a fair lump to drag up a hill but certainly not the end of the world.

    A high spec HT would be a lot of fun but would arguably have it's limitations.

    I'm going to Coed-Y-Brenin in May and will take my FS but when I do BPW I'll take both bikes. My previous HT was a much older (and more upright) 90mm travel HT, which felt very awkward. My new HT is 140mm front end, longer and slacker. I'm really looking forward to riding it on the blues, but not the reds!

    It's a touch choice and really depends what you'll ride 80% of the time.

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  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,122
    When I go to Brenin, Degla, Cannock, Sherwood, Dalby reds I can pretty much guarantee to see at least 1 bossnut shredding it. I've seen a couple of the Vitus,s as well so worth a comparison.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • Beast1984, I've recently got back into mountain biking and am a complete novice compared to most on here, so my advice may be worthless. However, I've recently purchased a Whyte 629 (hence forum name) which is a very well specced HT available at your budget. Might be worth a look? 1x12, dropper, 4 pot brakes etc....

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