Disc Wheelset - Clincher - £300

Looking for a set of disc wheels for my new build (Kinesis 4s).

Thru axle disc for £3/400. I weigyh about 75kg but it will a winter bike so something strong would be nice. Not fussed for aero, rather have lightness.

The main sticking point is I'd like to use clinchers but would like some wheels that I can EASILY get tyres on/off.

Initial thoughts were Mason x Hunt / Cero ARD23 and Alex CDX4.



  • I bought the Hunt wheels a few months ago, and liked them so much I bought a 2nd pair. very strong and light, perfect for me, on my racing CX bike and on my commute/winter bike.
  • joe_totale-2
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    I've got the Scribe 365-D wheels for my winter steed which would be in budget.
    No issues with getting tyres on or off them.
  • johngti
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    I’ve just bought the Hunt wheels and I’m impressed so far. Seem like a massive bargain for £299
  • Anyone running clinchers on the hunts? Easy to mount?

    Scribes look interesting for the money.

    I will probably contact the cycle clinic as well to see what they can offer.
  • step83
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    Malc will be able to sort you something nice easy tyre mounting will be finding the right mix, some tyres are pigs to get onto rims while others slip on no fuss.
  • mugensi
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    I've been using Fulcrum Racing 5 DB's on my winter bike for the last two years, sub £250, 1640g, tubeless ready (I run latex tubes in them) and have been 100% with zero issues for over 4000kms.
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    IMHO I'd go for the Hunt's. I Have a pair of 4Season alloy wheels which have done two full winters of commuting and are still on the original bearings. Three years warranty on them too.
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    How about Hope? I put some Hope 20Fives on my Synapse and they've been great. Circa £400 as I recall. Very stealth and very buzzy.
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    For £300 for get light weight if you want long bearing life and other desirable charactersitics. While some suppliers will sell light disc brake wheels for £300 accpeting a bit more mass will allow the Kinlin XR22RTS rims to be laced to Shimano Tiagra RS470 hubs with triple butted spokes (28F/28R) for under £300 and mass is only 1740g. the DT Dwiss R470 or R460 rims could be used instead but I dont consider these tubeless compatible which is fine for the OP as he/she is using tubes. The R460 rim in particular has the easiest tubed tyre fitting of the three rims. The DT Swiss rims are not asymmetric though. The Kinlin rim is.

    Novatec D791/792 CL hubs could also be used for a £300 wheelset.

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    There's a pair of DT Swiss R470 Disc thru axle wheels in the classified section. If its just for a winter bike they may fit the bill
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