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Wahoo Elemnt Bolt with stem mount on Canyon Ultimate CF SL (H36 Aero cockpit)

Hello, I want to buy a bike computer for my new Canyon Ultimate CF SL with the H36 Aero cockpit. What I thought to be an easy task of just finding the best bike computer for my needs, turns out to be a real hassle cause of the H36 Aero cockpit:

I really want to go with the Wahoo Elemnt Bolt, but because of the H36 cockpit I can not use the standard out front mount.

Can I use the the supplied stem mount instead or would there be any problem using it on the H36 stem?? Besides the fact that the Bolt losses the aero advantage of course.

I know you can buy some other H36 out front mounts online, but they are pretty expensive, around € 60.

If there are good alternatives from the Wahoo Bolt that fit better with the H36, I would be happy to consider them of course.

Thank you


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