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Silly question.... Probably

Hello all, I've searched the Internet and can't find an answer to this or maybe I'm reading it wrong.

I have an allez elite road bike that I am very happy with, I'm going to upgrade the wheelset soon and I'm fine with that. My question is I have a single speed bike that has rather heavy wheels on it, can I just put my old DT Swiss wheelset from the allez on that when I upgrade to new wheels?

The front wheel seems simple enough and I think that wouldn't be a problem but I've read that single gear back wheels are heavy for a reason but not sure why. Plus would the back wheel just swap out like the front?

Only been riding a couple of years and I've never uograded anything, the DT Swiss wheels are still in great shape as I only really use the allez in the summer, I've had a MTB for commuting in the winter. Just thinking I could get rid of the MTB and use the single gear for my commute as its all level and only 3 miles.



  • welkmanwelkman Posts: 396
    Yes front and no to back without a different hub
  • Your DT Swiss wheels are probably quick release 100mm hub front and 130mm rear, the front will probably fit the single speed but you might find the rear needs 120mm hub plus it might well be a horizontal dropout and nut securing system to keep chain tension.

    However, your single speed may have an eccentric bottom bracket to get chain tension, allowing the rear wheel to be quick release and possibly the standard non-track rim brake road 130mm hub width.
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