hydraulic calipers swap

Hi i have some Tekro draco 2 Hydraulic brakes on my bike and i am looking to change the for the shimano 105 7070 brakes,  is the an adaptor to allow me to fit the shimano one to my bike.

i am looking to change the set up on my hybrid and fit some Shimano 105 groupset on it the only this that seams to be stopping me is the brakes



  • whyamihere
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    Not sure what you're trying to do here... Presumably you have a flat handlebar rather than drop bars, as the Tektros are for flat bars. You don't need to change the brakes to change the gearing unless you're also planning to switch to drop bars. What's the bike, and what are you actually trying to achieve?
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    I assume he means he wants to fit flat mount 105 R7070 calipers to a post mount frame as the Draco’s are post mount calipers.

    He could use one of these https://www.assolutions.ca/product-category/adapters/ for $40 a pop, but better than that just buy a compatible Shimano post mount caliper such as Deore for about £20 each. This is what I did when I upgraded from BB5 cable discs to 105 hydraulic last winter.

    Here is my winter bike with 105 shifters and Deore calipers...

  • timothyw
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    This is discussed here:

    In short though, probably better to just get some deore or other cheap Shimano brakes, especially as you can potentially use the j-kit fittings to make assembly much easier (no need to bleed and fit barbs and olives).

    If you are talking about converting a flat bar hybrid to drop bar, then you might just want to consider getting a new frame set in any case (eg Dolan rdx or planet X pro carbon Evo disc) and just sell your hybrid, as this will give you a better road bike in the end.