Dismantling a Novatec freehub

I want to change the bearings in my Novatec freehub.

I understand about tapping the bearings out and drifting in the new ones and have done it on other freehubs.

However I am fooled by the rubber seal shown in the picture. I can't see how to remove it without damaging it.

btw - the picture is the new freehub - the one I want to replace the bearings in is not in as good condition but has exactly the same rubber seal.


  • bobones
    bobones Posts: 1,215
    Put a flat, wide screwdriver under the seal and lever it off. It may bend a little, but it's not critical and you can easily refit it by pressing it on. Other types of hubs use a hidden circlip to hold the seal in place, but not these ones.

    Getting the bearings out can be a bit trickier as they can be a very tight fit. Use a bearing extractor or a concrete bolt of the correct diameter and hammer them out with a punch.

    You'll need to remove a circlip that holds the inner bearing in place so circlip pliers are useful.

    You may need to use a threaded rod to press the new bearings in nice and straight.
  • paulbnix
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    I thought that was probably the case and it’s good to have confirmation.
  • i had to do this last night, have new Enduro MR15267LLB Bearings from Kinetic Bike Bearings, who deliver very quick. If for a Prime R020 Rear Wheel I found the freehub bearings had no circlip to retain inner bearing, although a tiny grub screw that is not retaining, just for lube, knock bearing out with 17mm drift and press in with a socket that clears the inside dia of freehub but sits on the 26mm bearing dia ok. Do it on a hard floor to get good impact and a soft hammer.