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NEO 2T info

How is power accurancy with 2T in current time. Do they get any new firmware to fix these 15watts drops (i’ve heard a case from where some report higher is wattage, more distance in correct numbers/watts)? will this be in future fix? How about ERG problem, i heard that now is 2 second input and output delay and issue solved?

I’m considering to buy a unit. But in general if i choose much cheaper Elite Direto X, i got super power accurancy as power meter is integrated in this trainer (so, they said). it’s just more laggy?

If I choose and buy cheaper unit like DiretoX or Suito, i could take that spare money for Stages power meter, which i'll also need someday.


  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 1,152
    It's only a handful of the 2T that suffer from the issues. Tacx are very fast/helpful if yours is one of them (they will exchange for a new one). Apart from those few, the power accuracy is very good.

    I've not heard of the delay in ERG (I'm in the Neo owners group on FB).

    If you're worried about dropping watts, why are you even considering buying a Stages PM
  • cemmaccemmac Posts: 21
    I don't own Tacx unit, but my collegue has. I have read some other forums and reviews where the analyze 2T with their power meters and the diference was constant 15w (neo- 315w / garminvector- 300w) higher wattage goes more difference ( neo- 920w / garminvector 850w)

    There was a problems with stiff ERG, where you get 150w to 300w in direct second. And the feeling was terrrible.

    I'm consider buying Power meter for IRL outside.
  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 1,152
    Garmin Vectors are also very well known for producing incorrect power readings, so they should take the data with a pinch of salt.

    That's the problem with power meters and trainers, unless you have a 100% perfect meter, you will never know which is wrong. For all they know the Neo is correct and the Vectors are wrong.

    Also at 300w, 15w difference is only 5% which isn't that bad.

    If they have serious concerns, get them to talk to Tacx. They will get it sorted.

  • StillGoingStillGoing Posts: 5,209
    Don't forget that the Neo is measuring power at the hub whereas Vectors are measuring power at the pedal. Deduct the drive chain losses and the difference is even less.
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  • cemmaccemmac Posts: 21
    OK, thank you. I think i'll order it anyway.....anyway, it will be big transition from tacx vortex lol...
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