Gearing changes

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I'm considering upgrading my retro gearing on my mountain bike which is used on road aswell as offroad so I need a wide range of gears so I can get up steep offroad hills but also not run out of gears on the big chainring on the road

Currently I have XT 44-32-22 triple chainset with SRAM X7 9 speed long cage rear mech and XT front mech with SRAM shifters and an SRAM 11-32 cassette

I was thinking I might upgrade to a double chainring setup to offer similar range of gears which would be 28-38 double chainset and a 12 speed SRAM 10-50 cassette and SRAM rear mech but the questions I have are -

Are there any SRAM shifters that will work with that ?
I can find SRAM 12 speed shifters for rear mech but can't see any as a pair
I know that often the SRAM Eagle type setup is single chainring but I want the wider range of gears

And am I ok keeping my existing XT front mech and set the stops on it if there is a shifter option that is

I'm still not totally convinced I should upgrade and maybe should stay retro with the triple setup but just thought it might bring my bike a bit more up to date as long as the gear range is similar (which I think it is according to the gearing calculator site anyway)

Any advice would be good
Dave S


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    You can only run Eagle with a single chainring. If you definitely want a double, look at Shimano. You can run their 2x systems with a 10-45 cassette on the back, which gives a ridiculous range.
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    Most 12 speed will need a new rear hub (or at least freehub if available) for an XD driver cassette (anything with a 10T) or a Shimano microspline, personally I'd stick with 11 speed for the range of choices, you can get a 2x11 setup in a range of options and run an 11-42 or 11-45 on your current freehub.
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    I have the older 3x9 on my HT for the same reasons. It's more of a winter hack and as I'm on the roads a lot more I prefer the big chainring. It's really 2x9 but see no reason to change it. I have XT everything just to keep it simple.

    Not sure if it's worth the hassle. If you do go 2x at the front you should be able to just change the limit screws. Can't see how 2x12 will necessarily `improve` what you've got (I've not worked out gearing ratios so could be wrong). My 3x is the same gearing as you and that works well for me. My mate went Shimano 2x10 and found that worked well for him.

    My FS is 1x11 and that works well for it's intended use.
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    I'm still running 3x9, used to be 3x8 lol.
    New frame now but it's still running the original sram front tripple.. I swear to god that thing was forged in the fires of Mount Doom.. It just won't die.

    Can't see the point in going 2x10 or 11, you don't get to shed the weight of the extra shifter and dérailleur.

    1x parts are topexpensive for what are wear and tear items IMO and I want more gears as I'm not always 'mountain biking' , more often than not I'm just cruising along and the bigger gears help.

    Just keep it 3x9 IMO.

    I'm running sram x9 shifters, shimano SIS front mech and a sram x7 rear mech, altho I am currently using a shimano xt 11-34, 9 speed cassette which is nice on steep hills where you're basically pedaling at walking speed if that, lol!