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Spare Garmin mount insert/”puck”?


Has anyone got a spare Garmin insert clogging up their parts box they could pass on. One of those bits you get loads of versions of with a Barfly and that wouldn’t use if you used a Wahoo or something other than a Garmin.

One of these:



  • mtb-idlemtb-idle Posts: 2,176
    sorry mate, thought I had one but just visited my garage and the spares box and no inserts like that. I do have a spare stem mount like this though

    FCN = 4
  • londoncommuterlondoncommuter Posts: 1,550
    Many thanks for looking. I've got loads of those unfortunately, I was hoping for one of the inserts as they're flat on the back and I want to stick it to something. Guess I could try and file down one of the mounts you've linked to but will be a bodge job (even more so).

    Thanks again.
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