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Newbie: General Maintenance tips.

The title says it all basically.

I've just started commuting after 20-odd years of not touching a bike. New bike has been bought but I've got no clue how to look after it. I have done a search but it returns specific maintenance questions rather than a general guide.

When I was a kid it was just a bit of 3-in-1 and messing with the brakes a bit and that seemed to do me fine. Now, either I was doing it wrong and people like to over-complicate things 😉 or perhaps I could do better with my maintenance.

Like most commuters (I think) the bike is a tool to get me to and from work so I'm after maintenance that will keep the bike serviceable with minimal effort on my part. Basically I'm lazy - please don't judge.

Anyhow: what maintenance should I be doing and how often? Links to decent articles, videos and blog posts are welcome!


  • Keep the chain clean as well as lubricated. I like rock n roll lubes as they clean and lu e at the same time whilst keep the chain pretty clean during use.

    Clean the jockey wheels and the cassette as well by removing. This also keeps gunk of the chain. Doing this extents chain and cassette life.

    Buy a chain checker and replace your chain at 0.5% wear to maximise cassette and chainring life.

    Change brake cables when they feel gritty. Chasing gear cables when the down shifting become iffy if everything else is right.

    Change bb when the bearings are no longer smooth. Free spinning is not a guide.

    If you have cup and cone hub service them and replace the ball with grade 10 chrome when you do. Stairs steel balls pit more easily and lesser grade result in a faster rate of cone and cup wear.
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    If you are not sure about carrying out any of the maintenance you tube have plenty of videos to watch , the majority are easy to follow , if you go on the gcn site and search for what you want, they cover most. Items of maintenance
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    The above pretty much concludes this thread. 😉
    The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
    I am not sure. You have no chance.
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    PB is the most sensible person on here.
  • If you want maintenance-free commute...


    I don't know if your commute is hilly to warrant having gears... but if it's fairly flat, get a cheap single speed, slap Shwalbe Marathon Plus tyres and from time to time, check the tyre pressure, lube the chain and change the chain once a year or so (depending on the mileage you do).
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    if you have cup and cone, adjust them as suggested above but after the cups have become fitted, upgrade the wheels to cartridge bearing wheels
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