Would you still use this fork ?

I originally posted this in workshop but didn’t get any replies....

I’m in the process of stripping my trusty Trek OCLV (probably about 15 years old) for a good clean up and service.
On removing the forks I noticed that the paint was peeling off the aluminium spindle dropouts but on closer inspection it appears some of the aluminium has broken off.
Is the for goosed ? still safe to use ? Repairable?
I’ve attached a pic of the damage ....


  • The Rookie
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    No idea what has happened there, maybe the tube has cracked exposing an inserted dropout? I certainly wouldn't be riding it without getting it checked by someone who can figure WTF is going on there,
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  • whyamihere
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    I wouldn't use that. If the fork fails while you're riding, you're going to hit the ground hard. It's not worth the risk.
  • sub2
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    Thanks guys , kinda thought I shouldn’t use it.

    I think the construction is that the fork is formed in carbon and aluminium end caps (dropouts) are fitted (bonded) to the ends of the carbon legs of the forks.
  • billycool
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    Based on what you've said about the construction, it looks like some of the alu has delaminated from the carbon.

    That would suggest some sort of fatigue and other stuff you can't see.

    Probably best to retire them!
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