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Planet X Freehub - EC130 Aero - Broken Again

Hi has anyone had issues with Team Comp 35 Vision wheelset specifically the freehub. I have now had this break completely firstly after 800 miles which they repaired then after 3000 miles. I know there is wear and tear however since July 2019 I have only done 200 miles ish due to an accident leaving me less confident. I got on the bike again in the NY to find my chain jumping all over and the following diagnosis being a replacement freehub or due to wear on the rims a new wheelset. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


  • how old is the chain and did you lubr it before leaving in shed for 6 months?
  • The chain is not worn as it was replaced recently and yes it is regularly lubed 👍
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,802
    Not sure how a freehub causes the chain to jump?

    Sounds more like a cassette/chain issue,stiff link in chain, worn cassette seem most likely.

    Wear on rims causing chain to jump? No.
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  • I guess if the freehub pawls were not catching correctly it could jerk forward and jerk the chain. Maybe too much lubricant or the wrong lubricant is allowing the pawls to stick. Definitely sounds like it needs to be serviced/checked again. I would look at the site for info and do it yourself or you could just run the wheel without load using the cranks by hand in a bike stand for a while just to let everything bed in and disperse any grease, maybe its formed a clump while sitting for a while, i.e. partially dryed and needs to be dispersed more evenly around the pawls. You don't want to applying any load if the pawls are currently sticking occasionally.

    However it maybe necessary to service it. It's a fine art to using grease in a freehub some do but it has to be very minimal others just use a oil or extremely light grease. I think the issue is if you use a oil you will have to service it more frequently but there is no chance of the pawls sticking but if you use grease its a fine art to make sure you do it so the pawls won't stick but you won't have to service anywhere near as often.

    At the moment it sounds like it could have grease but it hasn't been done that well or because the bike hasn't been ridden its dryed out slightly and is preventing the pawls from operating correctly.

    You could drop a bit of chain oil into the freehub and then spin the wheel in the stand in order to soften and disperse the grease. I would think that has a high chance of working.

    Alternatively the freehub components have already been damaged by a sticking pawl and you may need to replace something like a broken pawl.
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