winter bike + indoor trainer = good idea?

zest28 Posts: 403
I have been doing indoor training for more than a month now using my winter bike as I am worried that I will damage the carbon racing bike (and i heard that damage to the carbon as a result of using a turbo trainer is not covered under warranty).

Is this a good idea, or should I just use my carbon racing bike. I am a bit concerned that the gains that I am currently seeing on the winter bike + turbo trainer might not 100% translate to the carbon racing bike in the spring due to a slightly different geometry (I cannot replicate it exactly no matter how hard I try).


  • dannbodge
    dannbodge Posts: 1,152
    I use my summer carbon bike on my turbo over winter.
    I generally do between 4 and 6 hours on the turbo a week and I've not had any issues with using it.

    There are very very few cases where bikes have been damaged/broken on turbo trainers
  • joe_totale-2
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    May be an idea to check to warranty with your carbon bike as it may specifically state that damage from use on the turbo isn't covered by the warranty.
    As stated above though, the chances of the bike being damaged on the turbo are small.
  • redvision
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    As stated above, chances of damaging your carbon frame are small but still possible.

    Some manufacturers have been known to void warranties if they suspect damage has been caused in this way, HOWEVER, it seems this attitude is changing and some (for example, Canyon) are now specifically including turbo training as part of the warranty of the frame.

    So basically it seems they don't have concerns about turbos causing damage to their frames.
  • fenix
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    +1 for using your race bike on the turbo. Mine's been on it for years with no ill effects.
    I don't do big power sprints on it very much though - mainly because it feels weird not being able to move the bike beneath you.
  • supermurph09
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    its a total myth that the turbo is bad for your carbon bike. Unless you are flailing about wildly from side to side or don't have it clamped in correctly then it won't be an issue.