Alexrims DH19 purchase, genuine or a fake?

Hi all,

I just purchased an Alexrims DH19 700c rim from an online retailer on ebay (they also have a website with a shopping cart and physical shops). I have been using this rim for years, and the rim and logo does not resemble the one that I have now, and does not resemble any items of this model I have seen. There are no technical specifications anywhere on the rim, only the logo.

Upon contacting the retailer, the retailer has insisted that this is possibly because of a logo change from Alexrims, and that the product is genuine, as the supplier is reliable.

Pictures attached. Does any of you kind souls know if this is legit Alexrims?


  • imposter2.0
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    The retailer may be right - it's possible they have updated their branding. Might be worth calling the importer to check.

    Although in reality, I can't really see much of a market for faking alu rims of any sort, Alex or otherwise.
  • Thanks for the reply! That does reassure me. I guess its the slight paranoia of buying things online. However, I could not find it in the shops where I live.

    Thanks again!
  • timothyw
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    Yeah, I can see the point of faking a hed belgium plus (£120) by sticking a few decals on a kinlin, can't really see why anyone would fake an alexrims dh19 (£22).

    Presumably the weight is what you are expecting and otherwise similar?

    Most likely just a new revision by alexrims.
  • fenix
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    If they were fake - why wouldnt they have just faked the logo ?
  • cruff
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    If it was fake it'd probably be better quality :D

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