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Anyone bought a 2020 Vitus Mythique?

Has anyone bought a 2020 Vitus Mythique yet?

I plan to use the bike for trail riding, small local trails once or twice a week, then once a month to either Swinley or something similar. Plus I'll use it for a few café-stop XC rides with mates, probably one a month, up to about 50 miles.

I'm poised to order a Vitus Mythique VR 29er.

There are no product reviews online yet and nothing on YouTube either. Does anyone have an opinion on it? Should I be going for the 27.5? I've only ever ridden one other FS bike and that was a Vitus Escarpe 27.5.

I have a pretty strict 1k budget (due to work scheme) and it basically boils down to this or the bossnut. (Bossnut with a discount card, plus another 10% discount through club memberships)

My only realy 'issue' with the bossnut is the looks, no matter how many times I go into the shop and have a look at it I never walk away thinking I want one of those. Maybe I'm asking too much of an entry level FS. If the shadownut was still available then I'd have a really tough decision.

Any other opinions please?


  • vulva65vulva65 Posts: 118
    My girlfriend has the new Bossnut, and my friends wife has the Mythique 27.5, both the girls absolutely love their bikes, but if I had to pick one I would go for the Bossnut, it's quite heavy but the spec is spot on and unbeatable for the price. The women's is only £899 and it's not really any different to the mens. But you've got to love what it looks like too, and the Mythique is very nice, the matt grey is much nicer in person than the pic lets on. Vitus only has 10 gears, Bossnut has 12, plus Rockshox front and rear as opposed to x-fusion on the Mythique. Bossnut for me.
  • oli_admin*oli_admin* Posts: 103
    Alex Evans who works for BikeRadar and tests for us and MBUK mag has just finished his testing time with the Mythique.

    He's writing the review as we speak so I would expect a detailed expert opinion to be published on BikeRadar within the next two weeks.
  • I ended up getting a Bossnut, I couldnt ignore the specifications, the reviews etc.

    The mythique just couldn't compete, even if I do prefer the colour!

    Looking forward to hitting the trails! See you out there!
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