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looking for tubeless tyre options

Im currently in the market for some tyres and i wanted to try out tubeless. I've been rolling Schwalbe Hurricanes untill now which turned out pretty decent but it seems like they dont have a tubeless version. I really like the thread pattern they have with the slick center line and side knobs and im looking for something similar. Problem is i need a 27.5" and i prefer a 2 inch wide tyre and im not sure if its a common size for a tyre with such thread pattern. Has anyone run into something similar? Been sorting through the gazillion different models out there with no luck.


  • IRC have the Boken + 47mm wide and WTB have the byways in 47mm.

    The extra price of the IRC tyres goes towards there longer life in general. Both these tyres have slick ish centre thread.
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