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Need some advise

Hi all
Wondered if someone could help?
I have a bike which due to my lack of usage I feel is wasted. So I'm trying to get some ideas of costings and where the best place to sell it would be any suggestions greatly received. I know how much the wheels cost but if someone could give some guidance on the frame and forks I'd appreciate it thanks and happy new year to you


  • johngtijohngti Posts: 819
    Look at what similar bikes go for on eBay and adjust from there based on what you think it’s worth. Going from experience, I’m going to suggest that you’ll find it’s worth less than you’d hope. Nobody else can really tell you what you want to know.
  • Ok thanks for thoughts johngti appreciated did that but cant find anything on the xride cross series forks hence why I thought of asking here, but thanks anyway 👍
  • koenkoen Posts: 12
    The frame and forks aren't that special, better to take a photo of the whole bike.
    Than first of all u have a right to be in this part of the forum (this part of the forum is about posting a photo of your own bike, not really to sell it) and second we have a much better idea about the components because the price can change alot with good or bad components!
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