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Hybrid or MTB recomendations

Looking for a hybrid or mtb for my wife, must have front suspension, and also have 1 x gearing.
Not seeing much options out there for hybrids, also pretty light if possible.


  • Without scouring the websites for deals and specs, the bike I'd put as the top contender to compare any others to sub ~£750 is the Voodoo Bizango. It's been a tried and tested bang for the buck front suspension mountain bike in recent years that reviewers often say performs as good as many £1k mountain bikes.

    Suntour Raidon 32 LOR-DS fork
    1x11 gearing (32T chainring with 11-42T cassette (approx 22.0-84.2 gear inches, very comparable to the 24/38T chainrings and 11-30 cassette {approx 23.2-100.0 GI} on my Voodoo according to
    Hydraulic disc brakes
    ~13.7Kg as supplied
    Sold as a "mens" bike but sizes start from 16", which they claim fits someone 5'5"+

    £550 in current Halfords promo, if you ghet lucky you might 10% discount off that with British Cycling membership card)

    Just be aware if your wife doesn't really need a suspension fork, which unless there are intentions of "serious" offroad can often be countered by a rigid carbon fork and handlebars with large volume tyres at low pressure (especially on a tubeless setup), there are considerable weight savings to be had. For example, is suppled ~3.4Kg lighter than the Bizango at ~10.3Kg.
    My Voodoo can weigh roughly as low as that Boardman when I have the road wheels fitted with "nice" 28mm tyres, which makes it far less of a grind up tarmac inclines than when I have the fat wheels fitted, mainly due to the extra ~4.5Kg+.
    2020 Voodoo Marasa
    2017 Cube Attain GTC Pro Disc 2016
    2016 Voodoo Wazoo
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