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Canyon Neuron CF 9.0 or Lux CF SL 6.0

It's been a while since I bought my last bike, back in 2005, it was a quite easy task to choose my Scott Tampico Hardtail.
Nowadays, there's so much bike models from the same brand and for the same budget that makes really difficult to decide which bike to buy.
I'm struggling to between the canyon Canyon Neuron CF 9.0 or Lux CF SL 6.0. (I'm open for other brands, but my budget sticks to 3k€).
After a 3 years stop, I want to get back on track.
I'm looking for a fitness /fun bike (does that exist?); something light enought tho handle long climbs and at the same time that don't compromise fun and confidence in descents.

Can you help me?



  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    The two bikes you mention a quite a bit different in there purpose.
    If you give a bit more information about where you ride and the type of riding it would be a help.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • a_pxta_pxt Posts: 2
    @robertpb thanks for your quick response.
    I live near Lisbon and I'm planing to go around 25-50km, with two or more climbs of 3 to 5 kilometres each, on dirt, not too technical, and the vast majority on wide tracks. Mostly on unpaved terrain, and with some loose rocks, rocks and mud.
    Since I recently moved and haven't been cycling for a while I can't be much more specific.
    My riding type is a bit of: climb to descent. I have no problem with long climbs, and I like to repeat to compare my times on apps like strava, however they are usually longer than technical. But what gives me joy is to get off the saddle and go down. especially in singletrack.
    I am not planning to make circuits with big jumps or extremely inclined ramps. but if for some reason some of these gets in my way I want to be have the confidence to go on rather than braking and doing off the bike.

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